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screening Wednesday, 1.27.10 as a part of “Projections: A Festival of Rare and Hard To See Films” — lots of other great titles as well, check out the entire schedule here


Cinematographic song of praise to the self-imposed life of a hobo. Using a 16mm and a Super8 camera, Bill Daniel collected images of the hobo subculture over a period of about 15 years. His years of roaming in goods trains brought him into contact with countless legendary hobos. Daniel links their stories and visions of life to their “tags”, the signs they left on trains long before graffiti was any kind of a hype. The film focuses on the quest for the eminent Bozo Texino, whose tag decorated trains all over the country for 80 years. In beautiful black & white, to the rhythm of train wheels and country music, Daniel portrays passionate people who have turned away from the establishment and it’s rules.

(IFFR  2006)

“WHO IS BOZO TEXINO?”  2005  directed by Bill Daniel

go to Bill Daniel Film+Photo for more…


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