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Within the realm of earthly things there are no words of praise too lofty for Festivus Film Festival. On every front, Tim, Jonathan, and their fleet of festival volunteers delivered only the best of every good thing they had to offer. From the moment my wife and I were picked up at the airport by festival Volunteer Aaron Cole and Hospitality Director Trever Alters, I already knew that the trip from Los Angeles was a wise investment. From friendly conversation, to comped lunches at Denver’s hidden culinary hot-spots; from private tours of the city, to on-call information; the Festivus crew did not stop at simply fulfilling the litany of promises they made in their festival description (which are formidable, as you surely know by now), they went above and beyond in almost every area. Not to mention that every single screening was well attended (and some were even over-sold!) by enthusiastic filmmakers, their friends, and hoards of Denver locals. If there is one drawback to going to Festivus Film Festival, it’s that having been to one I am forever spoiled for all other film festivals. Not one can live up to my experience of Festivus 2010. It is a memory my wife and I will share for the rest of our lives.

and the envelope please…

  • Festivus Image Award – Matt Gillespie
  • Best Editing – The Ballad of Angel Face
  • Best Cinematography – Stoney
  • Best Music Video – The Atro-City Sleepers
  • Best Animation – Little Old Ladies
  • Best Experimental – The Magnitude of Continental Divides
  • Best Short Short – Black Ops Arabesque
  • Best Doc Short – Between the Upper Lip and Nasal Passageway: A Modern Account of the Moustache
  • Best Narrative Short – The Godmother
  • Best Documentary Feature – Rouge Ciel
  • Best Narrative Feature – Racewalkers

much more info here



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