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Klein’s first feature — a film Stanley Kubrick described as ten years ahead of its time…

Kubrick saw Polly Magoo in his private screening room.  Then he wrote me a letter saying that the film was ten years ahead of its time, that he related to it very strongly, and that he felt we had a great deal in common.  I was very pleased by this letter.  I was just getting ready to do “Mr. Freedom”, and I wrote back immediately, saying that I was trying to raise money for my new film.  And never got an answer!

— William Klein 1988

“WHO ARE YOU POLLY MAGOO?” 1966 directed by William Klein

once impossible to find, now part of Criterion’s box set “The Delirious Fictions of William Klein” along with “Mr. Freedom” and “The Model Couple”…

(quote excerpted from a conversation with Johnathan Rosenbaum, “Cinema Outsider: The Films of William Klein”, Walker Art Center 1989)


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