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evil controllers, fantastic fashion and futurology — but even as satire this film is far less absurd than the house-format reality shows it foresees…

“I had a big project I wanted to do around 1973.  The French had these delusions of grandeur inherited from DeGaulle.  They wanted to make, oout of nothing, new cities, and I wanted to show how rediculous all this was.  I never got the money to make this film, but I had a government advance.  So I developed just part of it about this model couple in a model apartment who were being tested night and day – a science fiction farce.  The couple were Anemone and Andre Dussolier; it was her first commercial role and one of his first parts as well.”

— William Klein 1988

“THE MODEL COUPLE” 1977 directed by William Klein

once impossible to find, now part of Criterion’s box set “The Delirious Fictions of William Klein” along with “Mr. Freedom” and “Who Are You Polly Magoo”…

dig the films of WILLIAM KLEIN — PART 1 and PART 2

(quote excerpted from a conversation with Johnathan Rosenbaum, “Cinema Outsider: The Films of William Klein”, Walker Art Center 1989)


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