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Skating has become thoroughly embedded into the American story, and every suburb has a skatepark or bowl where soccer moms can safely take their fine young shredders to and comfortably converse over finger sandwiches and decaf soy lattes.  We say NO!

renderings by Cecilia Ramos…

We are more interested in the kid with a curb, a ledge, a flight of stairs, and an overactive imagination.  We love it when skaters creatively interact with their built environment and turn detritus into functional sculptural skate objects.

Our mission became clear: to repurpose an American urban landscape, one filled with great blurry beauty and thrilling potential, to create a skate park, and for this we turned to one of the greatest American cities: Detroit. Macro-Sea is collaborating with Power House productions, and a multitude of local Detroit skaters and artists to create a full-blown found object skate park.

click on images to enlarge…

(MACROSEA  11.4.10)

other projects from Macro-Sea:  DUMPSTER POOLS and GLASSPHEMY


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