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As part of the 2015 Festival Nouveau, the exhibition “Stand Up!” runs April 15 – May 17 at the Pompidou Center, Paris…  


What is stand-up comedy? A stage, a microphone and an audience. Playing with the public in front of them, the comic tries to make them laugh for ten minutes at a stretch, with the constant risk of being a flop, and having to leave the stage. A typically American stage art, stand-up plays with the projection of an individual or shared identity. Stand-up comedy first appeared in the early 20th century, and was already popular when television made it widespread in the mid-seventies. Some of today’s great American comic actors started out in stand-up clubs, including Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell; some have become stand-up’s most famous exponents in the US, like Lenny Bruce, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman and Louis C.K. Directly addressing the audience, the imperative of the punchline and autobiographical bluntness : these are the primary stand-up rules that have inspired contemporary artists. Through live performance, conversations and screenings (grouped into three programmes), and featuring over fifty artists, “Stand Up!” reflects on this relationship.


The programme of “Le Stand-up s’expose” (“Stand up reveals all”) takes off from this genealogy, navigating between stand-up and art, and shows how visual artists rework its codes to explore the representation of the self and reveal the mechanisms of the art world.

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A screening of “Coach” by Doug Magnuson…

Artists in the program “Le Stand-up s’expose”:

Maria Bamford, Tamy Ben-Tor, Jaime Davidovich, Éric Duyckaerts, Dynasty Handbag, Bérengère Hénin, Stanya Kahn, David Kramer, Gabe Liedman, Doug Magnuson, Erkka Nissinen, Miguel Noguera, Michael Portnoy, Guy Richards Smit, Michael Smith, Bedwar Williams, Hennessy Youngman.  

Curated by Florencia Chernajovsky…


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