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an interview with monster of rock — Timo..!


This Thursday, Spacehog fans fortunate enough to be at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall, will not only be amongst the first to hear live performances of tunes from the upcoming new album, but they will also be there for the debut of Spacehog’s new guitarist Timo Ellis. “Wait, what???,” you might be saying. That’s okay. Take a minute, I’ll wait.

Yessssss, you did read that correctly. There is a new album, As It Is On Earth, due out this May, and joining Royston, Jonny, and Rich, is The Netherlands’ Timo Ellis, who has stepped in on guitar and vocals for Antony, as Antony pursues fame and fortune in film on the west coast.

For those who may be wondering about this fresh face in the band, Timo was kind enough to allow me an interview.

Charlotte: Jonny Cragg once mentioned jamming with you and Sean Lennon back in the summer of 1994. Was this when you first met? What was your impression of the Spacehog guys at that time?

Timo: ..I just remember initially thinking that they were sweet and totally hilarious (and then not too much later that they were making a really great record!!)

C: On your website you list yourself as performer, producer, tv/film composer, arranger, drummer, guitarist, bassist, singer, songwriter, ukulele-r, programmer, visual artist, and graphic designer from New York City, and on your Facebook band page under genre you list that you do it all. Is it fair to ask if there is an instrument, a role in the music world, and/or a specific type of genre that you like best or is that too much like asking a parent which kid they like best?

T: I’m a drummer first but I’ve been playing guitar and bass for almost as recent years I’ve done a lot more composing/ recording/ producing stuff as distinct from really becoming more virtuosic on any one instrument…+ “genre-wise” on a professional level it would probably help me if I really aesthetically refined/ simplified my “brand”, so to speak, but well, I don’t really feel like doing that, frankly!

C: Bands that you are currently in are The Netherlands, Miho Hatori, Cibo Matto, and of course Spacehog. How do you balance your time between various bands and any other projects that you may have in the works?

T: I work at least 12 hours a day, every day IE I don’t have a lot of “balance”. C’est la vie tho, ya know?

C: Thursday, February 16th, you play with both Spacehog and The Netherlands. Is that as exhausting as it sounds?

T: Not in the slightest! It’s gonna be wicked!!!

C: Is it true that you’ve released over 25 EP’s and Albums, including your first solo EP, The Enchanted Forest of Timo Ellis in 2001? What is it that inspires you?

T: I wouldn’t say I’m inspired really; obsessed is more like it

C: How long have you been working with Spacehog? You may be considered by fans to be “the new guy” but in eyeballing your accomplishments, your projects, and collaborations, some with names that have also been associated with other members of Spacehog, is “the new guy” an unfair or inaccurate assessment of your relationship with Spacehog?

T: I’ve only been playing with these guys this year..+ I am the “new guy” so I don’t mind being called that (+ doesn’t it connote being young, or “fresh” or something?)

C: After waiting over ten years, long time Spacehog fans finally got the news they wanted to hear last month, that the 4th album is to be released this spring. The website was revamped and a brand new Spacehog tune and video was premiered. Then holy moley, there was a bit of a shock, as fans realized that Antony Langdon was not in this line up. As Ant’s presence in the band has always been a strong one, there may be some fans who find the idea of someone, anyone, stepping in on guitar and vocals for him to be a bit disconcerting. Does knowing this affect you going on stage, particularly for the upcoming shows, where some fans may still not be aware of the change?

T: yeah…I’m not even caught up in any of that; hopefully people won’t be put off by it fer very long, if at all

C: You provide lead vocals in some of your other projects, will you share in the lead vocal duties with Roy for Spacehog? If so, would this be for some of the new songs, their old songs, or both?

T: yes, both! ..mad fun, it is!

C: The list of other musicians that you’ve collaborated with is quite extensive. So a fun question…. with no limits what so ever, even if a time machine were required, who or what band would you love to perform with?

T: Spacehog in 1996 (+ I was skinnier back then…)

C: What are your interests aside from music?

T: ..the arts!!! food, film, design, politics, history, philosophy…ya know, the humanities/ the usual left-wing stuff

Here’s sending huge amounts of gratitude to Timo for taking time out of his insanely busy schedule to answer my nosy questions! And for those reading this, quick, quick… turn up the volume and click the links below to hear and see the talented Mr. Ellis’s other projects…




the 9th annual IMVF has selected the award winning “ATRO-CITY SLEEPERS” to be included in this years lineup..!!!

featuring a global selection of independent music videos destined for Vancouver, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Austin and more — the 2010 program includes:


for more info and a promo clip — check out the IMVF website

“THE ATRO-CITY SLEEPERS” 2009  starring the legendary New York City rockers THE NETHERLANDS — featuring Timo Ellis, John Paul ‘Japa’ Keenon, and Hannah Moorhead… directed by Doug Magnuson

and visit THE NETHERLANDS on MySpace…


so great…


Within the realm of earthly things there are no words of praise too lofty for Festivus Film Festival. On every front, Tim, Jonathan, and their fleet of festival volunteers delivered only the best of every good thing they had to offer. From the moment my wife and I were picked up at the airport by festival Volunteer Aaron Cole and Hospitality Director Trever Alters, I already knew that the trip from Los Angeles was a wise investment. From friendly conversation, to comped lunches at Denver’s hidden culinary hot-spots; from private tours of the city, to on-call information; the Festivus crew did not stop at simply fulfilling the litany of promises they made in their festival description (which are formidable, as you surely know by now), they went above and beyond in almost every area. Not to mention that every single screening was well attended (and some were even over-sold!) by enthusiastic filmmakers, their friends, and hoards of Denver locals. If there is one drawback to going to Festivus Film Festival, it’s that having been to one I am forever spoiled for all other film festivals. Not one can live up to my experience of Festivus 2010. It is a memory my wife and I will share for the rest of our lives.

and the envelope please…

  • Festivus Image Award – Matt Gillespie
  • Best Editing – The Ballad of Angel Face
  • Best Cinematography – Stoney
  • Best Music Video – The Atro-City Sleepers
  • Best Animation – Little Old Ladies
  • Best Experimental – The Magnitude of Continental Divides
  • Best Short Short – Black Ops Arabesque
  • Best Doc Short – Between the Upper Lip and Nasal Passageway: A Modern Account of the Moustache
  • Best Narrative Short – The Godmother
  • Best Documentary Feature – Rouge Ciel
  • Best Narrative Feature – Racewalkers

much more info here



wins at Festivus..!

special thanks to Tim DeMasters, Johnathan McFarlane and everyone at Festivus, Ron Castellano and Santos’ Party House... John Hyams, Steve Schleuter, Chris Hyams at B-Side Entertainment — and an extra special thanks to Timo Ellis and the mighty Netherlands band!!!


10 day count down…

to the first ever public screening of THE ATRO-CITY SLEEPERS — among the 10 premieres at the FESTIVUS FILM FESTIVAL 2010..!


World Premieres… 10!!!

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve broken another record this year. We have 10 world premieres! Such a notable number of world premieres is incredible for any festival, and it’s a great reward for us to know that so many filmmakers have decided we are worthy of earning their film’s “world premiere” status. Here is the list:

  • Rainbow Chasers [Thursday, Jan. 14 9:00p @ The Bug]
  • The Atro-City Sleepers [Saturday, Jan. 16 12:00 @ The Bug]
  • Rouge Ciel [Saturday, Jan. 16 12:00p @ The Bug]
  • There’s Still Hope for Dreams: A Phamaly Story [Saturday, Jan 16 2:00p @ The Oriental]
  • Black Ops Arabesque [Saturday, Jan 16 4:00p @ The Oriental]
  • Between the Upper Lip and Nasal Passageway [Saturday, Jan 16 4:00p @ The Oriental]
  • Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story [Sunday, Jan. 17 1:00p @ The Bug]
  • Kapsis [Sunday, Jan. 17 3:00p @ The Bug]
  • Bird Brain [Sunday, Jan. 17 5:00p @ The Bug]
  • Watermelon Seeds [Sunday, Jan. 17 5:00p @ The Bug]


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